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Patient. Present. Proactive.

This is my mantra. I’m not sure there’s a single problem that can’t be solved, or at least made better, by being patient, present, and proactive.

When I was working at a restaurant in college, there was a guy that used to come in with his family. The guy was big and bald and had a goatee. Looked like a badass biker type. He was a regular. Always sat in the same booth at the same time. He had a son who could have been anywhere from 12 to 30 and who had a physical condition of some sort that…

We’ve been in this for a year. Twelve long, difficult months. In that time, so many people have spoken up about the difficulties they’ve faced during the Pandemic. But, for some reason, this raw and candid statement from Sir Charles Barkley stood out to me.

Here’s a guy who has it all. And, still, he struggles.

I’ve mentioned before that the best book I’ve ever read is Joy on Demand by Chade-Meng Tan.

Instead of asking you all to read the book, this piece (penned by the author), is a perfect bite-sized intro, with tactics you can use TODAY.


I’m obsessed with the detective Harry Bosch character from the Bosch novels, written by Michael Connelly. I’ve literally read over 30 of them. There’s also a show on Amazon with the same title that’s really good.

Randomly, it’s in these books and the show that I’ve found some of my favorite pieces of sales advice. And, oddly, I’ve realized that sales pros aren’t unlike a good detective.

Hear me out… imagine a crime scene where the lead detective, instead of asking questions and examining evidence, just drones on and on about how his department has the best crime scene tech…

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“Don’t be afraid to fail.” — Sara Blakely

I’m reading a book called Personality isn’t Permanent by Benjamin Hardy. It’s very good — one of the best I’ve read in a while.

One thing that jumped out at me, is a concept that’s referred to in psychology as a refractory period, or the amount of time it takes to emotionally recover and move on from an experience.

While, in the book, he is using it to refer to past traumas, my head immediately went to sales. Hearing a ‘NO’ or having an unsuccessful prospecting session, while we might not think…


First off, this has been a crazy and extremely difficult time for a lot of people. My privilege is NOT lost on me. I’m lucky. At the same time, I’m eternally grateful for the time I’ve had with my wife and kids over the last six months. I know my kids better than I did in March and they know me better. There may NEVER be another time where I’m home with them all day for an entire year.

  • I used to think my time was my time and family time was family time. Being a parent destroys that notion…

I’m now 16 weeks into consistent Yoga practice (once per week, without miss), and I’m hooked. Shout out to One Love Yoga in Kent, Ohio.

Here’s are some thoughts and things I’ve learned in that period:

I love the challenge. I got my ass handed to me today. I was drenched in sweat (and the heat wasn’t turned on) and I kept falling out of poses (Crescent Lunge Twist can kiss my ass). And I love that shit.

I’m better at it than I thought I would be. I always thought Yoga was all about the stretching. And it is…

1. You think your dog is the best dog in the world. Period.

At my wedding, the Maid of Honor told a story about our dog. It was completely embarrassing and 100 percent true. Enter Alex:

“One thing is they have a delusion about their dog, Marshall. He is really cute, but at one point in time, they were convinced that just because he could sit and roll over on command 50 percent of the time, that he was the best and smartest dog ever. Even though he ripped up the carpet and peed all over the floor. They also love Marshall so much that over a two day trip to Hocking Hills…

My therapist calls me a ‘high-anxiety individual’. My wife calls me a ‘ravishingly handsome Man-beast’.

Only one of those statements is true.

Since September, anxiety has been controlling my life. In reality, I’ve probably had anxiety for years. But since September, I have been going through life on auto-pilot, constantly worrying and feeling sorry for myself. It’s not good for anyone.

With my anxiety, comes a pretty-specific and unhealthy fear. Basically, it takes me straight to the worst-case scenario in most situations.

For the past few months I have been dealing with some headaches. I was convinced it was a…

1. It is a unique new hobby

Usually when I jump into a new hobby I am all-in. Jump in balls first. You kind of have to do that with a journal, because it forces you to look at yourself objectively. Next, try making a hobby a habit, do it for 21 days straight.

2. A way of thinking about what you are grateful for

One of the most basic journal entry prompts is to write down some things that you are grateful for. After a couple days it gets tough. You need to dig deep. I’ll give it a…

Christopher Perry

Chris is a Sales Director at University Tees and a published writer. A reader, lifter, and learner, he finds joy in helping others realize they aren’t alone.

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