No Bad Months

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My first boss in sales, Scott Herman, used to say we were only allowed to have good months and great months. No bad months. Bad months were against the rules.

As a rookie in sales, hearing that used to frustrate me. It’s not like I could fully control how I finished, right? I mean, the input was on me. Make the dials — a lot of them. Make offers. Follow-up. Find PAIN. All the things you’re supposed to do. But at the end of the day, I didn’t feel like I had any control over the close.

And whether I was right or wrong about that is beside the point.

The point was that, as a leader, you can’t help your reps build the lives they want if they have bad months. Bad months aren’t only on the rep or the market, it’s on you as a sales leader as well.

Good months and great months = GREAT quarters. Which makes great years. And BIG bonus checks. And it means profit for the company. Which breeds further growth and development.

But here’s the hard truth: just one BAD month destroys your quarter because it erases your great month.

Sales leaders need to go the extra mile to help their team get to where they need to go.

So, no bad months allowed.



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Christopher Perry

Christopher Perry

Chris is a Sales Director at University Tees. He is a published writer, reader, lifter, and learner, and finds joy in helping others realize they aren’t alone.